• October 02, 2014
  • By Herin Yose 효린

I have wanted  to get a tattoo since I graduated High school. A few times i had visited tattoo artist where my cousin's subscription. When i saw my wife cousin's get her tattoo, i saw her expression and from what i see i notice that really painful. #LoL  After watching that in the end my guts shrink and always return without results.

But in couple months ago, I think around May. I finally got my first tattoo. Finally built up the courage. Yeahh Yippy!~ I decided just to bite the bullet and get one onto my right wrist.
Beginning of the story, dared tattooed on my wrist because of my Lil' sister. Yeah~ at the first she was get done with her second tattoo. When she was getting  tattooed I see the expression at her face. There's no expression being painful or something fvcking like that. So finally i decided to get one. Before starting, the tattoo artist said to me, I should be able to withstand the pain because if the needle touched my skin I can't turn back. I replied it's OK! i don't think that really painful from what i saw.
The show time starts and WTF!! its really hurt so much. When the first time needle touch my skin, I'm screaming so many bad words. #LoL.. i'm sorry mom being bad daughter saying so many bad words #wkwk  
Being someone who can't accept pain threshold, I was particularly concerned about the pain.
My Lil' sister (Veeric Jessie) managed to take my mind off things by chatting about my plans for my next design, which I'd planned for my shoulder but now I was having seriously thoughts about that. 

After getting done around 1 week i feel itchy at my wirst but now it healed well




It's very small but still freaking out all the pain #Ughhh +.+

I'm very happy with the result. Yeah~ Not only I got a tattoo, but also can do new experience. And maybe around December, I would do it again in the inner arm. Just a little quote that i really like. For my shoulder i must have to think again. Since the design I want and the Size of tattoo, I think i couldn't bear the pain. Yess!~ It's really big design full of shoulder. Maybe I should wait for some time and convinced myself. I don't want to rush even though i really want.


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